Business Opportunities Brazil (BOB)

Having the upper hand and possessing c
ontrol and advantage is what most look for in the business world or even in their personal life. Based in Latin America's largest and most influential business center São Paulo, BOB gives this upper hand to providers of essential services and products by connecting them to private and public sector contractors of multi-million dollar infrastructure projects through ground support in Brazil. 


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Currently, BOB is refining its list of suppliers and service providers and, in turn, calling all companies interested in carrying out work to improve Brazil's infrastructure. 

      "Although recent events in the country - corruption investigations and the change of government - has distressed the leverage of some companies, this has opened up many opportunities for others."

     "BOB is seeking project planners, engineering companies, equipment providers investors and financing firms. To support, we provide consultancy services such as tracking down potential project opportunities, participating in public hearings, setting up meetings, coordinating logistics & transportation, general networking, and other support services."  

 Daniel Bland - Lead Advisor 

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